Massage Experiences Robin Andrews


Swedish Massage (60-90-120 minutes) $70 - 95 - 120

This is a soothing body massage. Its gentle application will help soothe achy and tense muscles reducing stress and increasing circulation without increasing stress on the heart. This technique is removes metabolic waste product and is recommended as part of your regular program for stress and emotional health management.

Therapeutic Massage (60-90-120 minutes) $80 - 120 - 140

This massage combines firm to deep pressure for muscle tension and chronic pain with lighter medium pressure for relaxation. This massage technique assist in the reduction of pain and discomfort often found in repetitive activities, poor sleep, migraines, weekend warriors, doing yard work, or starting back to a work out regime.

Deep Tissue Massage (60-90 minutes) $90 - 140

This massage helps to release chronic muscle tissue pain by using slower more direct strokes and pressure. This massage works across muscles manipulating the deep tissue, stimulating circulation and restoring the flow of lymph. This method aids in detoxification, oxygenation of the stagnated muscles.

Sports and Injury Massage (60-90-120 minutes) $80 - 120 - 140

This massage is area specific, aiding in the reduction of pain due to injury from sports, repetitive motion, extreme stress, accidents, various conditions such as diabetes, surgery, fibromyalgia and amputation. This massage includes deep tissue, stretching, pressure point therapy, and ancient Japanese techniques.

Pre-Natal Massage (60 minutes) $80

This gentle nurturing massage is done sideline and is beneficial for both mother and baby. It calms the nervous system and provides relaxation to gain relief from back pain, headaches, nasal congestion, fatigue, calf cramps and mild edema.

Post-Natal Massage (60 minutes) $80

This specialized massage treatment combats the aches after labor. The postpartum depression is soothed and comforted. Your tank is refilled sort to speak. The massage therapy helps aid your body back into place ad alignment.

Lymphatic Massage (60-90 minutes) $70 - 95

This specialized massage uses gentle techniques to aid in the movement of lymphatic fluid in the body improving the immune system by ridding the body of toxins. This treatment is most beneficial to those with edema, in need of a stronger immune system, injury or undergone surgery, chronic inflammation.

Far-Infrared Hot Stone Massage (60-90 minutes) $80 - 120

This treatment uses a stone warmed by far-Infrared energy. The infrared rays pass on harmlessly a phenomenon known as resonant absorption. Far infrared hot stone therapy effectively delivers bioenergy deep within the tissue. This treatment is especially good for those with old injuries and scar tissue by improving fibroblast functions for connective tissue, minimizing even intractable scar tissue.

Reflexology (60-90 minutes) $45 - 80
Cranial Sacral Massage (30-60 minutes) $55 - 70

Cranial Sacral massage is a specialized treatment aiding in the reduction of pain and problems related to stress and tension in the neck and back. This method of massage focuses on the neck, spine and low back.

Raindrop Therapy Massage (60 minutes) $70

This massage therapy uses a sequence of 9 essential oils from Young Living Essential Oils. Raindrop Therapy combines aromatherapy, reflexology, massage and Far-infrared heat to assist the body to correct the spinal misalignments caused by pathogens residing dormant in the spine.

Chair Massage (15-30 minutes) $15 - 30


Reflexology (15 minutes) $15

Wonderful for extra pampering of the hands feet and ears, add 15 minutes to your treatment.

Cold Stone (30 minutes) $30

Great for migraines, face massage, inflammation in shoulders and lower back.

Aromatherapy $15

Transform the regular body massage into an extraordinary experience.

Scrub-exfoliant (25 minutes) $25

Exfoliation for the feet and hands.

Warm Hand Treatment (20 minutes) $20
Warm Foot Treatment (20 minutes) $20

Warming lotion is massaged into feet, placed into warming booties to allow moisture to penetrate deeply into skin. Booties are removed and feet are massaged again. Wonderful for dry, tired & arthritic feet.

Warm Hand & Foot Treatment (30 minutes) $30

Warming lotion is massaged into feet and hands, placed into warming gloves to allow moisture to penetrate deeply into skin. Gloves are removed and hands and feet are massaged again. Wonderful for dry, tired & arthritic hands and feet.