European Facial (60 minutes) $70

Includes cleansing, steaming, mild exfoliation, and extractions where needed, a mask suited for your skin. This facial experience leaves you feeling more radiant and is perfect for all skin types.

Anti-Aging Facial (60 minutes) $80

This stimulating facial addresses your concern for pre-mature aging, sun damage, loss of tone and texture to the skin. This delightful treatment will leave your skin more toned, firm and on your way to a more youthful you. For ultimate results monthly maintenance is a must!

Sensitive Skin Facial (60 minutes) $70

This is a cool gentle facial uses cool towels and product specifically for sensitive skin avoiding steam or hot towels. The result of this treatment is a revived complexion, leaving you refreshed and stress free. Sensitive Skin Facial is perfect for those with Rosacea, prone to allergies, product or heat sensitive.

Acne Facial (60 minutes) $80

Jump-start your skin with this oxygenating facial stimulating cellular repair and metabolism. It helps to detoxify and clarify breakouts. This facial is perfect for oily, congested and acne prone skin types.

Multivitamin Power Facial (60 minutes) $70

This facial adds moisture, vitamins, while exfoliating the skin to generate cell renewal, reduce signs of aging, and stimulate collagen synthesis. This treatment is a wonderful for most skin types.

Back Facial (60 minutes) $80

This treatment is a deep pore cleansing for the back, helping to minimize breakouts. Cleansing, exfoliation, extractions if needed, clay masque, hot towels and finished with a relaxing back massage.

Paris / French Facial $90



Facial Peels

PCA: Physician’s Choice of Alliance Peels is used for more corrective treatments. Facial peels have a deeper reach in the dermis layer preforming cell renewal leaving you with smoother tighter younger looking complexion. This therapy reduces or improves winkles, blemishes, pigment spots, and sun damaged areas of the skin. Maximum results are achieved by doing a series of treatments combined with proper home care
PCA Peel $90
PCA Peel with Microdermabrasion $170
PCA Peel with Facial $150


A method for improving superficial environmental and hereditary skin issues; such as, aging, acne, hyperpigmentation, fine lines by the use of a superficial, mechanically powered abrasion. This is a cosmetic procedure in which all or part of the stratum corneum is removed by light abrasion leaving the skin smooth and rejuvenated.  There is no down time for this treatment and results can be seen immediately. To achieve maximum benefit, a series of 6 is recommended.
Microdermabrasion Treatment $125
Microdermabrasion Treatment with Peel $170
Microdermabrasion Treatment with French Facial $150
Microdermabrasion Treatment with Peel and French Facial $210


Brow and Lash Tinting (30 minutes) $25

This treatment is designed to safely color lashes and brows using products that are specially designed for delicate areas. Those with light lashes will be especially fond of this service!

Skin Evaluation Test (10-15 minutes) $15

This diagnostic treatment uses a Wood’s Lamp that uses transillumination light to analyze the skin. This light allows the Aesthetician to view the skin’s texture, surface debris, bacterial or fungal skin infections, and pigment. This diagnostic exam is done to help devise the best treatment plan for you.

Facial Treatment Packages

All facial packages are custom designed for your skin type and need.  Packages are offered in series of 3 or 6. All Packages must be pre-paid.
Package of 3 peels $260
Package of 6 peels $520
Package of 3 peels with facial $420
Package of 6 peels with facial $800
Package of 3 peels with microdermabrasion $500
Package of 6 peels with microdermabrasion $980
Package of 3 microdermabrasion $260
Package 3 microdermabrasion with facial $420
Package of 6 microdermabrasion $520
Package of 6 microdermabrasion with facial $800