The Luck of The Irish

Robin Andrews Depression, Diet, Healthcare, Healthy Living, lifestyle

That sounds happy and positive, unfortunately not all of us feel happy. In fact, I am hearing more and more of my clients and associates tell me that they feel sad, feel down or having the blues, tired, lonely, difficulty sleeping, more irritated than usual, not excited to do the things they usually do. This is most likely Depression. Depression needs to be taken seriously. It comes in many forms and can happen at any age. There seems to be an epidemic of depression in our world today. There are so many natural things that can be done to combat this condition. First, know your not alone in this, many people feel the same way you feel. Below is a short list of things to combat Depression and anxiety.

  • Rest- best time is 10:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m.
  • Get morning sun….Morning sun helps product serotonin which later in the day produces Melatonin which helps our sleep. (see circadian rhythm)
  • Eat healthy that means as close to natural as possible. NO SUGAR NO REFINED PROCESSED FOODS
  • No Alcohol
  • Prayer, a relationship with God, faith, and hope. Knowing there is someone always looking out for you, loving you, protecting you; knowing your not alone helps combat the blues.