With each season, Izumi, the Fountain of Youth features special Experiences inspired by that season. In celebration of this season, we are offering the following specials:

DETOXIFYING CLAY MASSAGE TREATMENT: This treatment exfoliates, detoxifies and nourishes the body, allowing the muscles to relax and draw impurities from the system. A nourishing body moisturizer is gently massaged onto the skin improving elasticity and providing anti-aging benefits. 60 minutes.

DETOXIFYING RAINDROP THERAPY MASSAGE with BODY BRUSHING: This massage therapy uses a sequence of 9 essential oils from Young Living. Raindrop Therapy combines aromatherapy, reflexology, massage and far infrared heat to assist the body to correct the spinal misalignments caused by pathogens residing dormant in the spine. INCLUDES FREE BODY BRUSH AS SPECIAL GIFT TO YOU. 60 minutes.

CRANIAL SACRAL MASSAGE with REFLEXOLOGY of HANDS AND FEET: Cranial Sacral massage is a specialized treatment aiding in the reduction of pain and problems related to stress and tension in the neck and back. This method of massage focuses on the neck, spine and low back. 60 minutes

DETOXIFYING GREEN TEA, GINGER FACIAL: This treatment will help detoxify, rejuvenate and promote skins elasticity. Green tea helps protect cells from free radicals and associated damage. Also helps rejuvenate the skin and prevent sun damage. Ginger root helps detoxify and is known for its calming and relaxing effect. 60 minutes.

These offers expires 5/10/19.

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This 1/2 hour treatment is a perfect add-on to any regular treatment. Also wonderful on its own. Perfect for stiff tired painful hands and feet; leaving them relaxed and soft.

Offer expires 2/28/19.

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plus FREE Apple Cider & Cinnamon Hand & Foot Scrub Treatment for just $70! (regularly $110)

Tired? Achy? Nerves frazzled from holiday preparations?  This yummy Apple Cider and Cinnamon hand and foot scrub is a gift to you with your purchase of this massage. Put this massage on the top of your holiday ‘To Do” list. Clove and orange essential oils will warm, soothe, and revitalized tired, achy muscles, and put you back in the swing of the festivities!  90 minutes